Thursday, August 16, 2007

Learning Styles in Virtual Worlds

I've seen some learning style-related posts on sites like and am wondering about the usefulness of virtual worlds, like second life, in the acquisition of knowledge and the role of such places as future classrooms. Currently here in N.C. we have a virtual high school but it comes nowhere close to the interactivity of environments like world of Warcraft or Lineage.

Organizations like Multiverse ( is offering free resources/tools to create just such places and the prospect of a virtual classroom that utilizes our questionnaire ( intrigues me. You?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Learning Styles

OK this may sound like A big sell out...
...but I'm telling the truth when I promote this product to teachers and others who want/are required to promote understanding in their workplace.
The PETALS (People Exploring Teaching and Learning Styles) website is helping to pay my bills for the summer (HARD TO BELIEVE A TEACHER NEEDS A SECOND JOB, HUH?), but it's also a great help when I'm teaching classes.
For instance, this year I had a student who would not work if she couldn't get emotionally involved in a project or activity. She wasn't rude, she just wouldn't work! After taking the PETALS questionnaire, I found out the student was a strong Red PETAL and so, to make my life a little easier, I made sure there was an emotional hook built into the lesson (A public assessment with family/community members present or an opportunity to display artistic talent in the product format).
This was no skin off my teeth and it kept this student, and many others in the class, stimulated and vibrant.
Check out to discover your learning style and get some strategies to effectively interact with others in all areas of your life.